Swiss Land Use Statistics: standard nomenclature (NOAS04) by major region and canton, in hectares

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Last modified: new data 2013/18
State of the database: 11.11.2021
Reference period: 1979-1985, 1992-1997, 2004-2009, 2013-2018
Spatial reference: Cantons as of 1.1.1997, GG25 administrative limits © swisstopo, 1.1.2021
Data source: FSO - Swiss Land Use Statistics (AREA) (in German)
All indications are point areas.
Areas of communes and regions do not contain the surface of any lakes that are larger than 5 km2. Therefore the sum of areas of either commune or regions of a canton are not equal to its size. The exact total surface area of the cantons and major regions will be made available in the specified Cubes.
Quality of data, sample survey errors:
Small size area data are not statistically reliable. They will be the subject of a largesample survey error. You will find that a 10 hectare surface has a sample survey error margin of +/- 6.2 ha. For an area of 100 hectares, the error margin would be +/- 20 ha.
uch small values are still listed in this table in order to gather together communes in groups and allow for highly differentiated regional analysis producing relevant values..
The mentioned categories belong to the 'land cover' nomenclature (NOLC04)or the 'standard' nomenclature (NOAS04).