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Last update: new data (year 2019), revised values (1990-2018)
Database status: September 2021
Reference period: calendar year
Spatial reference: Switzerland
Source: Environmental accounts - Energy
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This table shows the use of energy carriers by economic player. The energy is allocated to economic activities and to households according to the causality principle. It corresponds to the transformation losses and to the own consumption of the economic activities of the secondary sector (NOGA 19, 35 and partially 38) and to the final energy consumption of the households and the remaining economic activities.
The Physical Energy Flow Accounts (PEFA) are the statistical tools developed by Eurostat, which were used to record the energy use by economic player. The data were adjusted in order to ensure their coherence with national accounts data. Thus, results of the PEFA differ from the data of the Swiss overall statistics or the Swiss energy balance. The differences are mainly due to the fact that the PEFA include the use of fuel abroad by resident units and excludes the fuel used in Switzerland by foreign companies or households resident abroad. The energy used to produce imported and exported goods is not taken into account.
In cases when breakdown information was missing, estimations have been made. The transition from the General Classification of Economic Activities NOGA 2002 to the NOGA 2008 induced breaks in the series in source data. Therefore, results time series of some economic activity may be affected from this issue.
For more information about the energy accounts (in German): Environmental Accounts - Energy
Economy and households
The breakdown of the emissions from the economic activities respect the General Classification of Economic Activities 2008 (NOGA 2008). The results are presented according to the economic activities of the production accounts and respecting the enterprise concept. Results following the production concept (homogeneous branches) are available on demand.
Energy product
1.1.1. Crude oil
The category «1.1.1 Crude oil» includes the transformation losses from crude oil into petroleum products, as well as the own consumption of the refineries.
1.1.8. Other petroleum products
The category «1.1.8 Other petroleum products» includes especially the refinery gases propane and butane.
1.1.9. Non-energy use of petroleum products
The category «1.1.9 Non-energy use of petroleum products» includes the petroleum products (bitumen, lubricants, etc.) produced by Swiss refineries.
4. Nuclear fuels
The category «4. Nuclear fuels» includes heat losses due to the transformation from nuclear energy into electricity and district heating.
5. Electricity
The category «5. Electricity» includes hydro power and solar-/wind energy transformed into electricity.