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Meta information:
Last modified: new quarter
State of the database: 25.11.2022
Survey reference day: last month of each quarter (March, June, September & December)
Spatial reference: Major Regions
Survey: Job Statistics JOBSTAT
Symbols used :
' ... ' : Number unknown because not (yet) surveyed or not (yet) calculated
Comments :
The series of JOBSTAT have been revised for the quarters from 2020-II to 2022-I (August 2022)
For methodological reasons, results from branch 78 are not available.
Major region
Région lémanique: GE, VS, VD
Espace Mittelland: BE, FR, JU, NE, SO
Nordwestschweiz: AG, BL, BS
Zürich: ZH
Ostschweiz: AI, AR, GL, GR, SG, SH, TG
Zentralschweiz: LU, NW, OW, SZ, UR, ZG
Ticino: TI