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Farmholding, employee, ha, animal


Last modified: new data (2020)
Survey reference day: Start of January
State of the database: 11.05.2021
Regionalisation: Cantons / 01.01.1997
Survey: Farm Structure Survey STRU
Symbols used:
' ... ' : Number unknown because not (yet) surveyed or not (yet) calculated
'( )' : Not available because not sufficiently statistically reliable
Level 1: Degree of detail of the classification of the farms' utilised agricultural areas and animals (most aggregated level).
The data for the years 1975, 1980, 1985 and 1990 differ from those in the print publications. The data currently published for these years have been adapted to the definition of an agricultural holding that has been valid since 1996.
Agricultural holding:
An agricultural business that
- carries out crop production and/or livestock farming throughout the entire year;
- includes one or more production plants;
- is autonomous legally, economically, organisationally and financially and independent from other farms;
- has its own operating result;
- is farmed throughout the entire year
An agricultural holding complies with the following minimum standards:
- 1 ha utilised agricultural area (UAA) or
- 30 ares of special crops or
- 10 ares of protected crops or
- 8 sows or
- 80 fattening pigs or
- 80 fattening pig places or
- 300 poultry units
Statistical unit:
The statistical unit is the agricultural holding (see definition).
The areas, livestock and employees published here are those from agricultural holdings. Therefore, it is possible that the figures may be lower than the Swiss totals, because these do not include units that are not considered to be agricultural holdings; this is particularly relevant for horse and bee populations.
The canton in which the business is locally registered. A business can only be registered in one canton even if the areas are partly situated in another canton. It is therefore possible that a canton registers crops that are not situated in the canton territory such as vineyards, tobacco, etc.; it may also be possible that the UAA shown for a canton does not correspond to its actual effective area.
Area of agricultural production
Agricultural production area of the farm location. In order to take greater account of the different agricultural production conditions in relation to the Confederation's support measures, Switzerland's agricultural area is divided into several zones. The most important delimitation criteria are climate, transport situation, topography of the land, altitude and exposure.
Farmholding system
A farm is called an organic farm if part or all of its utilised agricultural area is certified organic.
Farmholding form
Farm with a work volume of at least 1500 hours/year (pursuant to ART norms) and on which the farm manager is employed with a work-time percentage of at least 50%.
Observation unit
Family employees
This category includes the farm manager, his/her immediate family, i.e. father, mother, brothers, sisters and children aged 15 and over who work on the farm.
Farmholding form
Full-time farm
Farm with a work volume of at least 1500 hours/year (pursuant to ART norms) and on which the farm manager is employed with a work-time percentage of at least 50%.