University of applied sciences and teacher education students by year, ISCED field, sex and level of study

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Meta information
Last modified: New data set (year 2021)
Data as of: 25.03.2022
Reference period: academic year
Spatial reference: Switzerland
Survey: Students and degrees of higher education institutions (SHIS-studex)
Please note: to obtain the total of all students or entrants, calculate the total of all selected variables. If only some of the items for a variable are selected, the total will not be equal to the total number of students or entrants.
Unit observed:
Students: A student is anyone registered at a Swiss university (university and institutes of technology, university of applied science and university of teacher education) for the autumn/winter semester of the university year being considered. The university and institutes of technology statistics only consider students registered at a university or institutes of technology. Double-registrations - a persons registered at two different universities - are removed according to strict criteria. The statistics published by the institutes of higher education themselves can, therefore, differ to those from the SIUS.
Ongoing corrections:
As our data are constantly updated, figures that have already been published may be altered at a later date. We always take the latest information into account.
Level of study
To ensure that the presentations from cubes containing the 'level of studies' variable are easy to understand, all post-graduate studies are included under the heading 'Continuing and further education', which are additionally published under the following headings:
- Continuing education
- Specialised and further studies
- Postgraduate studies (until 2004)
For the definition of other levels of study, please refer to the Definitions chapter.