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Last modified: New data set (year 2022)
State of the database: 15.03.2023
Reference period: Cinema year
Catchment area: Switzerland
Survey: Swiss Film and Cinema Statistics
Excl. film festivals, open-air cinema and adult cinemas, up to 2015 also excluding cinema clubs, see methodology (in German)
The Cinématographe and Paderewski screens of the National film archive (Cinémathèque Suisse) were included in the statistics for the first time in 2018 and contribute significantly to the increase in the number of films shown compared with the previous year.
From 2020, films that are screened occasionally without an official distributor or release date are counted as regular cinema films. Before 2020, admission to such films was registered under a single collective title. For this reason, the number of films screened before and after 2020 cannot be compared. The number of new releases is not affected by this.
Europe: current member states of the European Council excl. Switzerland (status March 2022). EU: current member states of the European Union. (status February 2020)
Germany: Including films from the GDR
Russia: Including films from the Soviet Union
Serbia: Including films from Yugoslavian states before they acquired independence
Czechia: Including films from Czechoslovakia